Tattooing means an image or design which is permanently created in the skin of the human body.

Tattoo Ink

In Tattooing ink is used, which is usually black. This is placed in the middle layer of the skin with the help of needle which is kind of painful.

Tattoo Ink Placement

Tattoo ink is placed one eight of an inch down in the skin at the right depth if ink is placed too deep in the skin the body will absorb the ink and leave an uneven image or design. If the tattoo ink is placed too shallow the ink will come out with the scrubs of the skin within few days.

Human Skin

Skin is the largest and the most important organ of the human body and we should not use it as for filling it with tattoo ink, it is kind of dangerous and can lead to diseases and allergies and pain. It is the big source of cancer. we should avoid playing with the skin in such manner ways.