Steps To Make Mehndi or Henna Cone

Here are the steps to make a perfect mehndi / henna cone at home.


Step 1: Get Plastic Sheet

Get a square piece of plastic sheet.


Step 2: Roll The Plastic Sheet

Roll over the plastic sheet in the left hand upper corner.


Step 3: Wrap And Stick The Plastic Sheet

Now wrap completely and stick the edges with tape.


Step 4: Make Henna or Mehndi Paste

Take Henna / Mehndi powder and add some warm water into it. Then mix it and make a smooth paste.mehndi-henna-powdermehndi-powdermehndi-henna-paste

Step 5: Pour Mehndi Paste Into The Cone

Pour the home made Mehndi (Henna) paste into the home made plastic sheet cone and fill about half of the henna cone and avoid over filling the cone. Fold the open end portion, fold over each side of the cone, then finally tape it down and seal the top.making-mehndi-cone-step5home-made-filled-henna-coneshome-made-mehndi-henna-cone