Is Tattooing Safe

Is Tattooing Safe?

The answer is No. Tattooing is not safe, it is safe only when proper sterilization and highly standard infection control practiced.

Tattooing Sterilization Standard

In Tattooing needles are used and it important to know what you are going to insert in your body be sure that any thing that comes out contact with your body like tattoo needle is sterilized and new.

Tattooing Risks

If needle used for tattooing or body piercing is not properly sterilized there is very higher a risk of getting dangerous infectious diseases like HIV (AIDS), hepatitis, tetanus and many other viral diseases.

Tattooing Side Effects

If Tattooing procedure is done incorrectly or not cared properly, dangerous side effects my take place like allergic reaction, skin thickening, infections, swelling, scarring and other side effects may occur.