Apply Hair Mehndi Henna

Here are the ways to apply Mehndi / Henna on hair

Step 1:  Sensitivity Test

First apply a little amount to mehndi on the skin to test weather the skin suits the mehndi or not. Preliminary test should always be carried out, cleanse a small area of skin behind the ear or-upon the inner surface of the forearm, using either soap and water, apply a small quantity of hair mehndi (henna) and allow it to dry. After 24 hours wash the area gently with soap and water, if no irritation or inflammation is apparent, it may be assumed that no hypersensitivity to the mehndi (henna) exists. The test should, however be carried out before each and every application.

Step 2: Take the powder out in a plate or bowl

Take the powder out in a plate or bowl

Step 3:  Prepare Paste

Add Lukewarm water in it and stir it to make the paste as so that it can easily and gently be applicable on hair.

Step 4: Apply Paste On Hair

Apply this paste on hair with the help of brush. After (five) 5 minutes comb the hair so that the paste should reach in the roots of hair. If any whiteness is observed in hair, apply some more paste on that portion.

Step 5: Wash The Hair

Wash the hair after 30 (thirty) minutes, while washing the hair keep the eyes and mouth closed.